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Taking a Stab at...Retirement

I retired today.

After more than 30 years as a speech pathologist in public schools, I am taking a stab at retiring. It's been the plan since right after lock down. Bill had been fighting cancer and was over it at his job...I felt sort of the same. I've told people it is the "life is short" plan.

And so after a slow couple of months on the website, my brain is now available to blog, create products and teach classes. And coordinate Special Days ( And maybe do some consulting. And help my daughter with her wedding. And keep in touch with friends. And have adventures with Bill. It will be a rich season. I need a schedule!

I'm teaching a class this month here in Gurnee. It's for a rainbow heart ornament for Pride Month. I did have another class scheduled at a real cool spot in Mundelein (Positive Space Studio...awesome place, awesome people) but no one has really signed it's cancelled. That was disappointing but it has helped me realize that what I'd really like to do is do private parties at folks' homes. I will book with you and YOU get the friends together! I'll post details as soon as I figure it out!

Meanwhile, I'll be over here trying stuff...

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