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Book the Garland Bar

Bring color and fun to your Chicagoland, Indiana, Michigan or Southern Wisconsin business, team event, bachelorette party or baby shower!

We'll bring wool balls in 60 plus colors, seasonal accents and all the tools you'll need to make a one of a kind garland or wall hanging 


Set Up

We will bring all the wool balls, accents and tools...We just need a space to accommodate an 8 foot table and a shelf!  Your space should have tables for creating!


Choose your colors

People have been known to gasp when they see the array of colors to choose from!  Find a theme, grab a pallet, load it up, add some "doodads" and have a "ball!"


Make your Masterpiece!

Making a garland or wall hanging is easy and fits well with drinks, snacks and conversation!  

Garland Bar Pricing

Whatever your budget, whatever your event

Serving the Chicagoland, NW Indiana, Michigan and Southern Wisconsin areas...

Pop Up Shop

Parties, Showers, Bachelorettes

Let me set up a Garland Bar in your shop, bar or cafe, bringing a fun vibe and engagement.  

Pricing would be per piece with the average price per customer being $22-28. 

Corporate/Team Building

A Garland Bar is such a fun alternative to those (sometimes awkward) party games!  Making art brings folks together and helps conversation ebb and flow naturally. 

Birthday party guests might make a garland as a favor...Shower guests might make themed garlands for the bride or baby to enjoy all year long...

Per person pricing available from $15-20 per guest.

Pamper your team with a Garland Bar!  Pricing can be per piece, per person or a combination of both!  Let's talk!  Your team will love this unique activity!

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