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Custom Orders are Open!

Custom Orders



Making what occurs to YOU

What do you love?  A character from a favorite book or video game?  Need a special gift for a grandchild or your bestie? Or copper and verdigris pumpkins for your Fall tablescape? A portrait of your pet? Let's talk! I love any custom project big or small!


How it Works

When you fill out the interest form, I will reach out to you and we will begin a conversation.  We might exchange pictures of your ideas and favorite colors...We will work out size, style and I'll send updated progress photos to make sure we are on the right track.



Creations can take many hours to create, depending on the size, and details.  A simple pumpkin is around $20 but a more detailed creation like a pet portrait or special character might be $150-175. 

Endless Possibilities!

Custom Witch
Custom Dobby Christmas Ornament
Custom Peppa Pig
Custom R2D2
Custom Red Panda
Custom Baby Yoda
Custom Mitten Bernie
Custom Cat
Custom Buddah

Custom Order Interest Form

Fill out this form to start a conversation with Maggie about custom felted pieces.

Thanks for submitting!

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