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Taking a Stab at...a Schedule

Since I have retired, I have fought against my natural inclination to wander. Letting the day go where it will feels great while I'm in the middle of it, but I always end the day dissatisfied. And I have things I want to accomplish...And doing yoga at the beginning of the day and making dinner at the end just isn't enough.

So, I have taken to bringing my coffee upo to my office each morning and writing out a to-do list on a post it note.

I also have a paper

calendar that I jot notes on. There are probably ways to do this on my computer and even on this website...but I'm old school like that.

It's real if I write it down. And I love scratching it off when I've

finished it. I write "yoga" down every morning even though I have already done it just so I can start my list with a win.

I have things to do! I am planning for Special Days Camp again which takes place the first two weeks of August...

I am teaching a needle felt class on Saturday (my first one!) that I am prepping the supplies for...

I have a pop up shop in Michigan over Labor Day weekend that I am getting products ready for...

Bill retires tomorrow! We have so many fun things planned!

And if we want to actually do them, we have to take a stab at a schedule!

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