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Taking a Stab at...Focus

I love a theme. Theme dinners…Theme dates…We always have a theme at Christmas (it was Charles Dickens this year; I made figgy pudding and mince pies). A theme provides a lovely frame for the work you were going to do anyway. A theme connects all the loose threads of important but seemingly unrelated things that must be done. Themes are fun…creative. And, it has recently occurred to me, a theme provides focus.

I started Three States Fiber Art as a new business for my retirement. I’d sold a few things on Etsy and I wondered if I could do more. I started with this website. I follow Kalin Sheik at Sweetwater Floral on Instagram who has grown her business in the most impressive way over the last 8 years and she, in her Blooming Business class that I am taking, advised getting really focused on what exactly you want to do…like sum it up in 5 words or less.

Focus? Blah.

That feels like limits. A prison. Rigid. The enemy of creativity. Focus is work. "Girl bosses" focus...I'm an artist! If I’m locked into 5 words or less, how can I do what occurs to me? Can’t I just wing it?

And then I realized that “focus” could be just another way to say, “THEME!” And I LOVE a theme! What are the themes for Three States Fiber Art?

There are three:

Create things that occur to ME…

Create things that occur to YOU…

Teach the art of needle felting as a way to create joy!

A theme is a frame and a frame is not a prison...It's simply a way to gather all the items together into something that makes sense.

I’ll be listing my creations for sale on this site and this is also how you can reach out to me for commissions…Keep an eye out for upcoming classes! It won't be long!

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