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Taking a Stab at...Setting It Down

There are a million reasons to love needle felting…over time I’ll share them all…but the one I appreciate almost every day I felt is the ability to set something down if it isn’t working quite right. There are some crafts that you have to carefully and gently fold up and put away when you are finished or need a break. Or you have to finish a row or that last bit of paint. Not with felting. Set it down. In a box or zip lock bag…just set it down.

I am in the middle of a 20 Easter Egg Challenge. The whole purpose was for me to jump in and felt without a ton of over thinking. It's permission to waste supplies as a way to break through to better art. And there were a couple of eggs that I took chances with that were just not hitting…I set them down. They are right there in the box next to me as I type this.

Sometimes I set things down when I’m off to a promising start but I’m not sure what to do next. Sometimes, it’s because I underestimate the amount of work it will take to complete my vision and I just don’t have the energy. Sometimes I haven’t developed the skills to complete it.

Other times the concept just doesn’t work. I set it down.

This is a beautiful thing, setting it down. It’s hopeful. It’s gracious and forgiving. It says, “I don’t have what you need right now, little egg…but when I do, I’ll be back.” And I do go back. Ready to try again. Knowing I can set it down keeps me open to trying something a little outlandish (toile?), and helps me to learn what skills I need to develop (close ups!!).

Posting some eggs I’ve set down over the years…Comment below on the first one I should pick up again!

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