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Taking a Stab at...Easter Eggs

I started felting with Easter Eggs...I figured out how to make the more-complicated-than-it-looks egg shape using an old plastic egg from the dollar store as a mold and it went from there. Turns out that not only can you put a lot of lovely stuff on an egg but that the folks just go crazy for them! Here are the top five ways people use my felted eggs...

Number 1 On a place setting! Each person at my Easter Brunch has a little egg to take home (or not...!). These are my grandma's dishes and flatware...Love the gold!

Number 2! On glass candle sticks on the mantle!

Add a springy accent to your living area! I picked these up at a thrift store for about $1.50 each...

Number 3! Arranged in a bowl! These eggs have "my" colors! What are yours?

Number 4! It's true...Eggs don't stand on their own...So use what you have laying around...A little terra cotta pot from Michael' antique liqueur glass? Heck, that souvenir shot glass from the distillery tour you did last summer would work!

Number 5! Why keep your eggs to yourself? Give a little love this Easter! One customer is getting several custom eggs for her favorite things gift exchange...Another is giving a special egg to her grand daughter every year as a keep sake (this year it's unicorn!). As a hostess gift, an egg is more original than a bottle of wine!

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great hostess gift idea. I love my eggs so much, I keep them up all year.

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Yay! I love that!

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